Sintala uses fallen branches and trees, prunings, and remains of other manufacturing processes to create solid wood products while helping employment in the areas where wood is extracted and helping to preserve ecosystem self-regeneration.


A company that developed a low-cost, commercially viable solution for energy storage, grid balancing, and carbon reuse using a microorganism- methanogenic archaea- to convert power-to-gas.

Solar Foods

A natural protein production company that uses renewable electricity, water, and air to create protein at a portion of the resources of traditional agriculture.


A biological solutions company that uses microorganisms and enzymes to reduce environmental costs through increased agricultural yields, low temperature washing, renewable fuel, and other benefits.


A company that specializes in long-term landscape restoration in order to give social, natural, and financial returns.


A sustainable protein company that focuses on cricket and insect high-protein powder foods as this high protein source takes significantly less resources than traditional agriculture.

Greencity Solutions

An air pollution solutions company that focuses on combining nature and technology with their city trees, which decrease pollution, purify breathing air, and provide a cooling effect, among other results.


An engineering and consulting company that focuses on sustainable, eco-innovative solutions for the treatment and reuse of water resources.

Handerek Technologies

A technological company that is working to tackle the global waste problem through creating the most effective method to convert plastic waste into fuel.

Mi Algae

An AgTech start-up that recycles co-products of food and drink production to grow Omega-3 rich microalgae, returning clean water and reducing the reliance of wild caught fish as a source of Omega-3 in the process.