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aeroSQAIR addresses the problem of poor indoor air quality with modular, fully automated moss panels. The product solution takes advantage of the natural ability of mosses to clean the air by absorbing particulate matter and heavy metals. It combines the advantages of technical air filters with the benefits of wall greening. In this way, a significant improvement of the indoor climate can be achieved. aeroSQAIR innovatively combines nature and technology in its product solution. An integrated sensor system regulates lighting, irrigation and ventilation, creating a stable microclimate and guaranteeing optimal living conditions for the moss. Due to self-regulating mechanisms, the maintenance effort is reduced to a minimum compared to conventional Green Walls. The process has already been successfully tested outdoors and filtration efficiencies averaging 15% (for PM2.5) have been confirmed for each air exchange. aeroSQAIR builds on this approach and optimizes the principle for the use indoors to naturally reduce pollutant levels. Beyond the proven stress-reducing effect of plants, the solution improves additionally the well-being.

This start-up has now registered as a company under the name of eiria.

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