Power Plant

Power Plant is a greenhouse that harvests both electricity and food within one system, using the power of the sun. through a transparent solar glass skin which powers it’s indoor climate. The solar glass powers a hydroponic system, which pumps around nutrient water, while coloured LED lights enhance plant growth up to 4 times. By placing it onto rooftops, food miles can be reduced by growing food supply directly on site. 

power plant structure

Author(s): Marjan van Aubel in collaboration with The New Institut, Emma Elston, Yasmine Ostendorf , Physee and University of Amsterdam

Year: 2018

Location: Adaptable

Web: http://marjanvanaubel.com/power-plant-2/ 

Contact: mail@marjanvanaubel.com, + 31 6 242 45107, + 44 777 544 8967