Edible Growth

Edible Growth is a project about the potential use of additive manufacturing in food production, through 3D printing with living organisms. Natural, healthy and sustainable food is made possible by combining natural growth, technology and design. 

Multiple layers of support structure and an edible breeding ground that includes seeds, spores and yeast, are 3D printed Within five days the plants and fungi mature, while the yeast ferments the solid inside into a liquid. Depending on the preferred intensity, the consumer decides when to harvest and enjoy the fresh and nutrient-rich edible. 

Edible Growth structure

Author(s): Chloé Rutzerveld in collaboration with TU/e & TNO

Year: 2014

Web: http://www.chloerutzerveld.com/edible-growth-2014 

 Contact: chloerutzerveld@gmail.com