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A company that specializes in long-term landscape restoration in order to give social, natural, and financial returns.


A sustainable protein company that focuses on cricket and insect high-protein powder foods as this high protein source takes significantly less resources than traditional agriculture.

Greencity Solutions

An air pollution solutions company that focuses on combining nature and technology with their city trees, which decrease pollution, purify breathing air, and provide a cooling effect, among other results.


An engineering and consulting company that focuses on sustainable, eco-innovative solutions for the treatment and reuse of water resources.

Mi Algae

An AgTech start-up that recycles co-products of food and drink production to grow Omega-3 rich microalgae, returning clean water and reducing the reliance of wild caught fish as a source of Omega-3 in the process.


A company that focuses on giving food waste alternative uses, such as SCOBY packaging and leather. They turn biowaste into biomaterials that are 100% home compostable and toxic-free.


This company focuses on creating high nutrient pet and aquaculture food, as well as other products like fertilizer and oil, from insects at a large scale.

Sustainability: what the entrepreneurship educators think

The purpose of this paper is to consider the understanding and presence of sustainability within entrepreneurship education. The extant literature on sustainability within the entrepreneurship discipline remains extremely limited. Previously, sustainability within an entrepreneurship context has related to economic viability as opposed to sustainability in its broadest sense. This study explores, through a survey of […]

Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Innovation: Categories and Interactions

The purpose of this paper is to propose a framework to position sustainable entrepreneurship in relation to sustainability innovation. The framework builds on a typology of sustainable entrepreneurship, develops it by including social and institutional entrepreneurship, i.e. the application of the entrepreneurial approach towards meeting societal goals and towards changing market contexts, and relates it […]