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A Digital Workflow to Quantify Regenerative Urban Design in the Context of a Changing Climate

The regenerative approach to design goes beyond limiting the environmental impact of the built environment and towards the enrichment of the ecosystem, adaptation to climate change, and the improvement of human health. This concept is being applied to buildings through new standards such as the Living Building Challenge, yet examples of implementation of regenerative design […]

Sustainability, Restorative to Regenerative

RESTORE Cost Action publication that records the outputs of the sustainability working group. This publication, with contributions from over 20 EU countries is an exploration in progressing a paradigm shift in built environment thinking, from sustainability to restorative sustainability and on to regenerative sustainability. It presents a reference document for future work of the RESTORE Action, for other […]

Regenerative Design in Digital Practice: A Handbook for the Built Environment

Architectural design can no longer be only concerned with developing artefacts that produce reduced environmental impacts within a certain threshold of emissions. Conversely, buildings today must be developed to reverse the effects of climate change, enhance natural systems, the built environment and inhabitants’ life. “Regenerative Design in the Digital Practice” explores how the regenerative concept […]

Anne Lamott on Writing and Why Perfectionism Kills Creativity

The much-loved Bird by Bird: Instructions on Writing and Life, by Anne Lamott, isn’t just a book about writing, or even a book about life. It’s a book about creativity. The birthplace of writing, and creativity, Lamott writes, is found in “the ecstasy of paying attention,” of caring, and of opening oneself to a certain sense of […]

Empathy VS. Sympathy with Brené Brown (video)

Enjoy this delightful short little animation of Dr. Brené Brown talking about the difference between empathy and sympathy. In a few minutes, Dr. Brown explains why sympathy fosters alienation, and what it is about empathy that brings people together. Empathy also happens to be an integral part of the creative process.

The Power of Believing you can Improve (video)

Stanford professor of psychology Carol Dweck is a world-renowned researcher in the field of motivation. She’s also an expert in the how and why of success. In her TED Talk, Dr. Dweck explains a special mode called the “Growth Mindset” — what it is and how to get yourself there. Hint: It involves creativity and […]

Designers Must Learn to Embrace Failure

In this excerpt from Creative Confidence: Unleashing the Creative Potential within Us All, IDEO founder David Kelley and IDEO partner Tom Kelley explain how failure is baked into the design process at IDEO and why it leads to more fruitful and rich ideas.

The Mind-Set Behind Creative Problem Solving

Human-centred design is as much about your head as your hands. These Mind-sets explore and uncover the philosophy behind our approach to creative problem solving, and show that how you think about design directly affects whether you’ll arrive at innovative, impactful solutions. Read more.