Al Aire

Al Aire (meaning between air) is a prototype of hydroponic plant cultivation. It is made of a system of irrigated Air Pots, a type of super-efficient planter that’s covered in perforations, exposing plants’ roots to sulight. This process is called ‘’air pruning’’, encourages plants to grow axially, instead of vertically, increasing the ratio of surface area to necessary soil. The plants are fed via a system called POREC, which delivers water and nutrients through a fabric tube full of tiny holes, providing an even distribution through the cylindrical planters. The hanging canopy of irrigation tubes is joined by dozens of wires that monitor and analyze the plants’ health. 

Al aire system plants

Author(s): Selgascano with Josep Selga

Year: 2012

Location: Biennale de Venezia


Contact:, 913 07 64 81